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Auction Services

Auction Services

Auction ServicesAuction ServicesAuction Services

We are a multi-service Auction Company regulated by the DBPR and the Florida Auctioneer Association.


Here is a list of some services we offer.

  • Traditional Real Estate Transactions
  • Distressed Transactions
  • Auctions of Real & Personal property
  • Court house foreclosures
  • Live Pre-foreclosure auctions
  • Standard real estate services
  • Surplus recovery assistance
  • Investor Portfolio growth
  • Real Estate Investor's Management & Flippers
  • Tax Deed & Certificates
  • Short sale

About Us


Relocation Assistance Program

We provide relocation assistance and pay off your existing liens. See if you qualify for the program now!


Live Pre-Foreclosure Auction

Live auction your home, before the Clerk of Courts forecloses. Have a team of professionals on your side, with no up front cost to you. 

Do not let the Clerk of Courts determine your fate. 

Have some control now.


Surplus Recovery Agent

After foreclosure assistance with any surplus recovery. No up front out of pocket expense for this service. We guarantee this service is less than the cost of an attorney. But we have them too, if you prefer that!


Investors portfolios growth

Our licensed Auctioneer is a Senior Consultant with over 15 years in the real estate market. She is experienced in the Palm Beach County market and will  review your real estate portfolio to help you better diversify and increase your profits with personalized care and guidance.


Real Estate Investor's or Flipper's

Our licensed Auctioneer will help you build long term wealth, with over 15 years experience in the Real Estate industry.



These are bonafide auctions, before the bank repossesses the property through due process.


Divorce & Liquidations of Assets

Divorce may be difficult, but liquidation your assets doesn't have to be. Contact today to have a free consultation with our Florida & Nationally Licensed Auctioneer.


Tax Deed Sale

Tax deeds are conducted monthly.


Tax Certificates

Be in control of how much interest you would like to build on your dollar annually, with a tax certificate. I guarantee that this interest will be significantly greater than what the bank would pay you.


Short Sales

If you owe more on your home, than what it is worth, let us and  our team of attorneys assist you with a "Short sale". 


Loan Re-modification

Once you fall behind on your mortgage payments you may qualify for a loan re-modification.


Contact Us

Free 15 minute consultation. Please send us a detailed message.

We understand this is time sensitive matter, we want to help.

We love helping our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

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By Appointment



Saturdays' and evenings are by appointment only. Phone conference, messenger and whatsapp video calling available.

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It discuses many hot topics and better explains some of the opportunities you may have with our company. Some topics explain more information about the programs we have to offer. The blogs contain in depth details about the relocation assistance program, live pre-foreclosure auction, investor opportunities and more.

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