Cash in hand

Relocation Assistance Program

Our Relocation Assistance Program is also known as RAP

After your application has been approved for the Relocation Assistance Program also known as RAP you will receive cash in hand. This program may assist you with the necessary funds to help you meet your out of pocket obligations incurred with the relocation move. At your discretion we will assign you with an agent anywhere in the country to help you find a home to relocate you and/or your family to. After your approved for the program, we satisfy all of the liens on your current home which may help improve your credit after 90 days. Essentially, this program will allow you to start over and refresh your home owner ship experience after a three year term. The relocation program may also help you qualify for the First Time Home Buyers Program again. RAP has all of the incentives that come with the first time home buyers program which may include (but are not limited to); down payment assistance, closing costs assistance and grants.

*Certain restrictions apply; distressed owner must qualify for the program*

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